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New “Valley View” Model Starting in low $300s

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Lofty Mountain Developer Mike Incorvaia has always wanted to offer a design that took
advantage of the views and better connected surrounding nature trails.

These models will be located higher on the mountain and will still provide the craft that creates the 4 season rustic industrial cabin at an affordable price point. Our new model called “Valley View” accomplishes all of the points above. This unique 4 season chalet will have a starting price of $325,000.

Interested in a showing? Call Mike today at 716-583-0535. Receive a tour of completed and sold chalets so you can view the details and finishes, along with custom furniture that Lofty Mountain Homes will offer in the Valley View Chalet Model. Buy now and be ready for ski season!

Buffalo News: Lofty Mountain Grandeur chalets provide a relaxing lifestyle in a unique setting

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Cookie cutter is not a term you’ll hear in conversations describing Lofty Mountain Grandeur chalets.

These award-winning custom timber frame chalets, located in East Otto, New York — just minutes from Ellicottville — are carved within nature’s beautiful mountain landscape and provide the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Developer Mike Incorvaia, who grew up nearby, knew others would appreciate this “wooded playground.”

Incorvaia and his business partner, Donald Matre, purchased 200 acres, parceling them into 31 five-plus acre wooded lots with deeded rights to numerous nature trails and fishing ponds.

Dana John Contracting constructed eleven 2,300 and 3,000-square-foot, three-level chalets as part of Phase I, all of which have sold. Five homes have been constructed so far as part of phase II.

What sets Lofty Mountain chalets apart? It’s the many extras — which, are in fact, standard – that create a rustic, elegant, yet comfortable, charm you can’t wait to come home to.

Incorvaia has a passion for finding unique and interesting materials and repurposing them when building his chalets.

“People call me when a barn or building is being torn down. They know I will make good use of the materials, they won’t be destroyed or land filled,” says Incorvaia, who enlists local experts to dismantle, inspect and treat materials he purchases and hires local craftsmen to do much of the work by hand.

Bricks used to create visually appealing interior walls might have come from a demolished building near Buffalo’s Broadway Market. Many exterior and interior walls are constructed from 8’by 8’ locally sourced Civil War-era white pine beams or wood from a nearby 100-year-old barn.

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Living in a ski town, among all of the hustle and bustle that goes with the season and the sport, can be fun, but isn’t always what a family is looking for. Sometimes the escape, be it during the ski season or even during the Green Season, is just what the doctor ordered for a great lifestyle. That would be Lofty Mountain Grandeur.

That escape is exactly what Mike Icorvaia had in mind when he blazed a trail on Bailey Hill, not too far from Griffis Sculpture Park, in Ashford. In 2009, as a hobby, Icorvaia decided that the land, his personal wooded playground, would be the perfect place for others to create memories of catching that first salamander, seeing that doe and her fawn, even casting a line into a pond.

“I grew up on this land,” Icorvaia said. “I want others to experience what I grew up experiencing.”
Over the last five years, the land has grown into a nicely developed place to have a cabin in the woods, but still be safe among others. The first development area, Bailey Hill, contains 12 five-acre lots, each with deeded rights to numerous nature trails and fishing ponds on the land, are completely sold out. The second area, Rainbow Ridge, has only recently opened up for new homes. Of the 19 lots in Rainbow Ridge, one is sold and homes are going up on a few others.

Each home has a standard three bedrooms and three baths covering the 3,000 square-foot building design. Each building is a special place, according to Icorvaia.

“We use reclaimed materials,” he said, pointing to stairs made of wood from a Civil War-era barn that was disassembled from the area. “We try to build story lines into each place that tell a bit of the story of the material.”

One such place has brick from a Buffalo-area building, wood from local barns and custom-built furniture to represent an early, turn of the 20th Century industrial feel, to include a Larkin hand cart transformed into a coffee table. The wood is all locally cut and milled with each place having radiant heating.

One of the things that Icorvaia emphasizes about the larger area is that the homes, while close to others, still carry that feel of being in the middle of the woods, all by themselves. Each one with spectacular views, to include one that has a small view of Lake Erie – from central Cattaraugus County.

Lofty Mountain Grandeur is only 6.9 miles from Ellicottville. Homes range from $335,000 to $400,000. More information can be found on the development site,, or by calling (716)583-0535.

Ellicottville Times: Lofty Mountain Homes Phase 2 Underway

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Mike Incorvaia remembers hiking Bailey Mountain in East Otto, N.Y., with his dad and uncle when he was a teen. It was an inspirational place at one of the highest points (1,800 feet above sea level) in Cattaraugus County. From certain spots on certain days, you can even see Lake Erie.

So, it’s no surprise that as soon as he got the chance as an adult, he and his partner in the project, Donald Matre, bought 300 acres on the mountain. After several years of careful thought and research, the partners decided to develop it. But it wouldn’t be just any development. It would be geared toward families who wanted to live and/or vacation in a secluded, peaceful, natural setting with easy access to Ellicottville, Holiday Valley, HoliMont, Griffis Sculpture Park, state parks and all the other attractions the area has to offer all year round.

To that end, Incorvaia has created a thoughtfully designed housing development, which will eventually include 32 chalet-style homes, with 3,000 square feet or more, on 5 acres each with plenty of surrounding land available for hiking, mountain biking, fishing, picnicking and more.

The development is called Lofty Mountain Grandeur, a name inspired by the hymn “How Great Thou Art.”It is just a nine-minute drive to Ellicottville, a one-hour trip to Buffalo, 2.5 hours to Toronto and zero hours to total calm and relaxation amid nature’s beauty.

Phase 1 of the project – the Bailey Hills section – began in 2009 when few were building new homes because of the recession. Undaunted, Incorvaia broke ground, believing that his special place should be shared and that once people saw the area, they would fall in love with it, too.

Bailey Hills features 13 lots (only one is still available) and 12 beautifully crafted homes with astounding views. With pricing starting at $399,000, homes feature first floor great rooms with vaulted ceilings, pegged timber beams, 6-inch wide white oak plank floors with radiant heat throughout, plus two first floor bedrooms and two baths. On the second floor is a loft overlooking the great room, along with another bedroom and bath. Basements have room for two additional bedrooms and two baths.

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Buffalo Business First: Round 2 begins for Lofty Mountain

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When Michael Incorvaia and Don Matre envisioned the Lofty Mountain Grandeur, just outside Ellicottville, they didn’t know what to expect.

The subdivision, with a picturesque setting some 2,000 feet above sea level and a postcard-like view of Cattaraugus County in the town of East Otto, was launched when the economy “tanked,” they said.

The two men, who also own Pallet Services Co., figured it would take five years to … Read More

James Fink
Business First

Architectural Digest of Ellicottville: Lofty Mountain Grandeur “Building a Dream for Families”

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Imagine a father and son standing on a wintry hillside more than thirty years ago. They watch in silence as a group of deer pass through the forest not more than fifteen yards from them, then travel down the hillside, traverse a stream, clamber up the opposite hillside, and disappear into the forest. The man and boy remain silent as they walk through stands of tall, green pine trees to return to their car. The boy in the story is Mike Incrovaia and that memory is from just one of the many trips Mike and his family made to the hilltop just outside of Ellicottville. Growing up, Mike’s dream was to spend as much time as he could with his family in the same pristine area; enjoying the forest, streams, wildlife, and views. Now he is creating a new dream of building houses that will allow the owners to create the same kind of connection to the land as organic as his own.

Mike feels genuinely blessed that he now owns the area that formed so many of his boyhood memories. But rather than fencing off the property and building himself a starter castle as a monument to his success; he has chosen to share this special place with others. He is subdividing the land into five acre parcels and building only single home on each lot. The passion Mike feels for the area is evident in the attention to detail he is giving to every aspect of the development. He used a GPS unit to lay out the lot lines and nature trails connecting them. Just steps from each home the nature trails connect to fishing ponds and shelters built specifically for family picnics. Mike even laid out the lots himself, personally choosing which trees should be cleared for the building pad, and to expose the views. Of the few Pole Pine and Locust trees cleared, they were used to create the rough hewed fence that borders the site.

Story and Photos By John Thomas
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