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Development Process

Using 150-Year Reclaimed Barn Wood for Furniture

As the developer of Lofty Mountain Grandeur Chalets it has been my passion to source 100 to 150 year old barn wood. The process is long and requires a lot of hard work with intense skilled labor. However, it is worth it when you can save a piece of wood or timber that was part of a structure which was used in many different applications, and then present it to an owner at Lofty Mountain and show them the different grains, species and character that they have an option to choose from. There chalet now becomes filled with many story lines. We give you the option to use it with cabinets, stairs, floors, furniture, walls and ceilings. It is such a privilege to take a perspective client into one of our already sold homes and show them a stair system that was made out of reclaimed wood from the Curtis wright World War II air plane factory or cabinets made from a local barn that was built 100 years ago. These are value added features that excite our homeowners as much as me.

Mike incorvaia
Lofty Mountain Developer